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Апр 16, 2023

Hello everyone on my channel!

Today we’ll talk in a not quite familiar format and I propose to reflect a little on this topic, tell what situations happened to you, how you personally feel about this issue, in a word, share your opinion, personal stories and heard from other gardeners, and whether it’s worth betraying meaning and believe in such phenomena and coincidences.

It happens that peppers or tomatoes sown on seedlings with a “reserve”, “just in case”, or suddenly the seeds are not of high quality and not all will sprout, as a result, it turns out to be in excess. Moreover, the seedlings all grow one to one, so do not reject, do not throw away. And what to do next with it if there is nowhere to plant it and it is a pity to throw it away? The first thing that comes to mind is to share with the neighbors in the country, and in addition to boast about what a successful seedling has grown, and the seeds were what you need, and the germination is wonderful. Why waste goodness in vain, and the hand will not rise to throw away what has been raised and nursed for more than one month. Not a lot of work! BUT is it worth it? Let’s look and think about what stories gardeners share with us, who had to share their seedlings and crops with neighbors, and which, in the future, they regretted very much.

In one of the past seasons, two summer friends planted tomato seedlings in the garden, one earlier, the other did not take risks and planted later. One night there were frosts and all the seedlings of the first neighbor froze. As it usually happens, a neighbor came to complain to her friend in the country that such a trouble had happened to her, she was left without seedlings and without a crop. The second neighbor had a lot of superfluous and good seedlings this year and she decided to share with her neighbor. All summer long, the second summer resident took care of her plantings and at the end of the season she grew a good harvest. But at the end of the season, a neighbor comes to her with claims that she, obviously, slipped the worst seedlings to her, but the varieties were not the most productive, and through her fault she was left completely without a harvest. That’s how country friends became enemies and have not spoken to each other since.

Some gardeners write that as soon as they share their seedlings, their own seedlings will either get sick or burn out, and as a result they themselves remain without a crop.

Others write that when strangers come to visit, they will “rejoice” at a good harvest in your garden, so after this harvest it was as if it had not happened, and the next year the harvest is very weak.

Someone complained that when he shared with his neighbors the surplus of his harvest, then in subsequent years the harvest was much lower, or even not at all.

Another summer resident said that after she shared the surplus crop from her plot, nothing grew for her for the next few years until she sold the cottage. I bought a new plot and since then with a harvest, but I don’t repeat the same mistakes.

What advice does folk wisdom give us in this regard?

  • never give seedlings or surpluses of your harvest for free, take at least a symbolic copper coin for it (for example, 10 rubles)
  • do not give away excess seedlings until you have completely planted your seedlings in your garden
  • do not show your crop in the garden until it is fully ripe
  • never brag about your harvest until you have harvested it
  • if you want to share the surplus of the harvest, then it is better to share ready-made canned blanks

From personal experience: there was never any extra seedlings, and the one that sometimes remained was not in good condition, it was not convenient to give it away and it was simply thrown away. But crop surpluses do happen. In this case, I don’t share fresh vegetables or fruits with my dacha neighbors, but I treat them with ready-made jam, marmalade, salads, pickles.

I share fresh products only within my family. Once, from fresh produce, she gave a lot of apples to a friend, complaining that there are so many of them that there is nowhere to put them, and that 4 apple trees in the garden are too much for us, here a couple of apple trees are enough, you don’t need more. After that, next spring, out of four apple trees, 2 died, for no clear reason. Since the spring, not buds, not leaves, they waited almost all summer, suddenly at least one would come to life, but they had to cut both down to the root. One of them was insanely fruitful, green apples with a red barrel, not large, but there are always a lot of them, sweet and juicy, the second is unusually tasty and unusual, the apple tree was young and strong, the fruits on this apple tree were the most delicious, large, sweet and juicy, and after the first frost inside the apple in the middle, the pulp seemed to be transparent. I don’t know the names of these apple trees. Then a support fell at the third Antonovka apple tree and a huge fruitful trunk broke under heavy fruits, taking with it a couple more stems, and another one dried up nearby … and Antonovka stands with one single trunk like a pyramidal poplar. As a result, only one full-fledged apple tree remained and I had to buy and plant 2 more young two-year-old apple trees.

Apples from the only remaining apple tree Apples from the only remaining apple tree

You can say that all this is superstition, but I will tell you one more case from my own experience. About 10 years ago I planted a bush of yoshta (a hybrid of blackcurrant and gooseberry) in the garden. The bush grew huge, beautiful, but there was never a harvest from it, I collected a glass of berries from the strength.

Yoshta, 2021 Yoshta, 2021 Yoshta, 2020 Yoshta, 2020

One day the son asks what is this huge bush that never has berries? It was decided that next year, if there is no harvest again, then we will dig up and throw away as many berries as we can wait for, only taking up space in vain. And what do you think, next year, yoshta, for the first time in 10 years, gave me such a crop, as many as 2 buckets, the whole bush was strewn with berries. Now we constantly laugh about how much we scared her that our yoshta decided to start bringing us a harvest anyway.

It is not without reason that they say that you need to talk with your plants, and with tomatoes, and with peppers and flowers. Indeed, when you talk with your plants and see a good harvest, or a good flowering of garden flowers, you believe that they hear and respond to our requests and our kind words.

Friends, how do you feel about such stories, do you believe in them or do you think that these are just coincidences? Are fears just superstitions? Tell your stories, your observations and share your advice.

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