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How does Mongolian dwarf tomato seedlings develop?


Апр 17, 2023

Hello everyone on my channel!

I dedicate the third article to this tomato. I thought it would be enough one, the very first, in which I spoke in detail about my own experience of growing this tomato, about how I adapted to grow it, what to expect from it and what it is capable of.

I have been growing the Mongolian dwarf for several years and have studied it well, found the best way to grow it, at least for myself.

Opinions on this tomato among gardeners are divided. Someone likes it for its productivity and maintenance-free, and someone had a not entirely positive experience on the basis of which some gardeners refused to grow it. If I judged him only by the first year of cultivation, then my opinion would be 50/50. Let me remind you that the first year I grew it according to the principle of » planted and forgot”Without pinching, without watering, and generally approached him when the fruits were already turning pink and gasped at how many there were. Moreover, it has so much foliage that the tomatoes are hidden under the branches, and until you lift the branch, it seems as if there are no tomatoes. The harvest was really big, but the taste of the tomato did not impress me, and after the first brushes, there were a lot of tomatoes on the rest of the brushes, but quite small ones. Nevertheless, next year I did not refuse it, I planted it “ just in case ” as a lifesaver, if suddenly the harvest on other tomatoes does not work out. And the Mongolian dwarf will yield a crop in any case. I began to grow according to a different principle, I wrote about it in previous articles. This time I gave him a little time and care, and in return I got a completely different taste and good weight of the tomato.

This year, the Mongolian dwarf was sown for seedlings on January 11th. Some critics wrote that this is very early and it will outgrow before planting in the ground. One reader wrote that after sowing in March, she took him to the dacha in May already blooming. Well, what can I say? Maybe. I have never outgrown it, on the contrary, I would like it to be more powerful before landing in the ground, and this can be achieved. One of the conditions should be transplanting seedlings into a larger container, but at home this is almost impossible to achieve due to lack of sufficient space.

So that there is no doubt, from time to time I clearly show the intermediate result of the development of seedlings of my tomatoes and peppers, sown early.

I will not be unfounded and will show the whole process of growing this tomato from seedlings to harvest.

The Mongolian dwarf is a slow-witted tomato , it either rises for a long time, but if it rises quickly, then it freezes and develops rather slowly.

For example, last season it took me a very long time, almost a month, not evenly, but then it developed at a normal pace. This year, everything turned out the other way around, the seeds germinated rather quickly, but now it is not developing quickly. I wrote about all these wisdoms of his in a previous article. But it suits me perfectly, I even help him take his time.

This is what a tomato looked like 1 month and 7 days after sowing or a month after seed germination (photo below).

Mongolian dwarf 1m7days after sowing and 1m after germination Mongolian dwarf 1m7days after sowing and 1m after germination

A tomato after picking on March 15, 2 months and 4 days after sowing, looks like this (photo below).

Mongolian dwarf 2 months 4 days after sowing Mongolian dwarf 2 months 4 days after sowing Mongolian dwarf 2 months 4 days after sowing Mongolian dwarf 2 months 4 days after sowing

It is clearly seen that it does not stretch at all, develops slowly and definitely will not outgrow.

What to do so that the seedlings do not outgrow?

To prevent seedlings from overgrowing, certain rules must be strictly observed.

I keep seedlings at the lowest possible temperature of 18-20 ° C (up to a maximum of 22 ° C), I do very gentle watering, and provide full illumination for at least 14 hours a day.

By the time the seedlings are planted in the ground, it manages to form a strong bush and develop a good root system, and due to earlier sowing, it yields the crop earlier.

Thanks to this tomato, I concluded that there are no completely maintenance-free tomatoes. If you want to get a different quality of a tomato, a slightly better taste, more weight, then you will have to take care of it, at least minimally. It will be necessary to remove the extra stepchildren, and water, feed and form a bush.

And what do you think, based on the photo, will my seedlings outgrow by May?

Friends, share your experience of growing this tomato in the comments. Do you like this variety? What is positive and what is negative about this tomato? When do you sow this tomato for seedlings? How do you ensure that the seedlings do not stretch?

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