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Organic top dressing of tomato and pepper seedlings. Benefit or harm? I am planning my own experiment.


Апр 16, 2023

Hello everyone on my channel!

When growing seedlings of tomatoes and peppers, I always use mineral fertilizers based on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium with the addition of several important trace elements. The ratio of the main macronutrients in the fertilizer was chosen not high, but not quite low either — 16:16:16 + ME. I picked up a couple of types of fertilizers for seedlings that I liked and have been using them for several years. Seedlings respond well to them, grow healthy and strong.

Now more and more often they offer and even recommend the use of organic fertilizer for seedlings. Now I’m not talking about using the so-called summer tincture of greenery to feed adult plants. We are talking about seedlings and not about greenery.

There are a lot of reviews from gardeners about the use of organic matter for seedlings. Someone writes that seedlings after such top dressing directly rush and bloom already in the seedling period, although it is not clear where and why it rushes and why it should bloom in seedlings. After all, we, on the contrary, are trying to ensure that during this period it forms a strong above-ground part and a powerful root system. But, nevertheless, it was with such statements that I came across in the information that came across to me about organic top dressing.

Another part of gardeners writes that they did not notice any difference after using organic matter for seedlings and even criticized this approach, since there was no breakthrough effect from such feeding, except for the appearance of midges.

In connection with such opposing opinions, I wanted to conduct » my own investigation

The first mineral dressing of my seedlings has already been done and in a few days I need to do the second. But for my experiment, I will donate and select a few bushes of pepper and tomatoes, and instead of mineral water, I will feed them with organic matter. I will write about the result on prototypes later and post a photo.

How and from what to prepare organic top dressing?

It is known that banana and potato peels contain a large amount of potassium, thanks to which our plants become the strongest and most resistant to diseases and environmental conditions, they develop better. In addition to potassium, it contains a certain amount of phosphorus, which is also necessary for our plants during the development of seedlings and growth.

I should note that there is no official scientific evidence that banana or potato peel tincture has some kind of miraculous property and has an incredibly favorable effect on the development of seedlings ! Moreover, in our country, official studies have not been carried out on how many useful substances are contained in the peel of a banana and a potato.

According to Western studies, banana peel contains 0.6 % nitrogen, 11.5 % potassium and 0.4 % phosphorus. These data apply to dry skins. In raw peel, these figures are much lower.

Raw potato skins contain 16.5 % potassium.

Accordingly, in a dry potato skin, the concentration of potassium will be even higher and therefore that the potassium content in a potato is higher than in a banana, although the opposite is reported in publications.

But since all these data are not official, they cannot be fully trusted, just as the effectiveness of these top dressings cannot be trusted.

How to make banana peel tincture?

To prepare the solution, the banana peel must be removed in a plastic bag and wait until it turns black. After that, it must be finely chopped. Tamp the chopped peel into a liter jar. The peel should be 1/2 jar. Then pour it with warm water and leave for a day at room temperature. The next day, you can feed the seedlings with this solution.

How to make potato peel tincture?

The potato peel is cut into small pieces, put into a bag and placed in the freezer for at least 1 hour. You can leave it in the freezer for 3-5 hours. After that, we defrost the peel of the potato, tightly lay it in a 1/2 volume liter jar and fill it with warm water. We set up a day and water the plants the next day.

It is recommended to feed with these tinctures not only vegetable seedlings, but also flower seedlings, as well as indoor flowers.

In conclusion, I want to note that I personally adhere to recommendations based on scientific studies, officially confirmed by the scientific community and properly registered.

Officially registered and produced at chemical enterprises, mineral fertilizers have not been canceled and their effectiveness has been proven.

You should always remember that at best, when conducting such experiments, you can simply not get any expected effect and waste time, and at worst, you can simply harm or even lose your plants.

Friends, I want to know your opinion: should I risk my plants and experiment with organic feeding?

Friends, do you do organic feeding of your seedlings and indoor plants? Share in the comments what and how you feed them? Did you get the expected effect from such dressings and what was it? Did you have a case when you did not get the expected effect from such top dressing or, on the contrary, did you harm your plants? I propose to share your thoughts and experience on this issue in the comments and discuss this topic.

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