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Roses «woke up» and gave shoots.


Апр 18, 2023

Hello everyone on my channel!

Rose by rightconsidered the queen of the garden. lovers of itThere are more wonderful plants among gardeners every year. The unique beauty of a rose cannot leave anyone indifferent. But this is not the easiest flower to grow. About the rules for storing seedlings, reproduction, planting and care, and much more about what you need to know and be able to do a lot.

Now the time has come when rose seedlings, left in storage for the winter or recently bought in a store, began to give new sprouts (shoots). In this regard, the question arises — what to do, because it is too early to plant them in the garden, but I don’t want to get buds and flowering at home.

Often, when transplanting roses with developed young shoots into the ground, the shoots often dry out. The rose, of course, will give more shoots in the same season, but it is always sad to lose well-formed sprouts.

I already had the experience of storing rose seedlings, which I had to save until planting in the garden from the end of winter. This time I keep the seedlings from November last year. I brought them from Turkey, which is why it turned out to be such a long-term storage.

First of all, the question arises of how to keep roses until spring at home.

My brought roses were with an open, well-developed root system and for this reason it is necessary to immediately place them in a container with moistened soil.

After that, the container must be placed in a cardboard box, covered with a padding blanket and left for the whole winter on a glazed loggia. I had no other options, so I had to use the only possible one.

In fact, rose seedlings can be stored until spring in various ways, for example, under the snow in the country, in the basement or in the refrigerator, these methods are described in detail in one article on my channel, the link to the article is below:

https://dzen.ru/media/id/63c013ac4d972c2594ef3257/kak-sohranit-sajency-roz-do-posadki-v-grunt-kak-ia-sohraniaiu-svoi-rozy-privezennye-iz-turcii-5-sposobov- hranenia-63d8262fd841260455268487

When storing seedlings on a loggia, it is unlikely that they will be saved until they are planted in the ground with dormant buds, so it is important to know what to do if the roses begin to wake up.

Buds on my roses began to wake up in March. Attempts to slow down their development as long as possible consisted in providing a lower temperature with the help of an ajar window.

But if the process of awakening the kidneys has begun, then it cannot be stopped. Nevertheless, for some time my seedlings continued to be in the box, in the dark on a cool loggia. After some time, new shoots began to grow from the awakened buds. Since they were in the dark, the color of the shoots was light, almost white.

At this stage, it is pointless to keep the rose covered, the shoots will continue to grow anyway. The shelter should be removed from the roses and placed on a light windowsill, but at the same time in the coolest possible place so as not to accelerate its development. I still have the same loggia.

In the light, the shoots quickly acquire their characteristic light green color and the leaves begin to open. The rose will continue to grow. In this state, with new shoots and leaves, and possibly with buds, the rose will have to be planted in the ground.

I must say that it is critically scary that your rose wakes up and shoots, no, because we buy already blooming roses in containers in spring and even summer in garden centers, and we often have to buy rose seedlings in boxes with awakened buds and full developing foliage .

The main thing, in the future, is to ensure that the rose is properly transplanted into the ground.

How to transplant an «awakened» rose into the ground?

When transplanting into the ground, to minimize trauma to the root system and reduce stress, it is necessary to prepare a planting hole of the right size in advance, filling it with a useful substrate. Water the rose seedling in a container generously. Then plant the rose in the planting pit using the transshipment method, preserving as much as possible the earthen ball in which the root system of the rose was in the container. Before transshipment, pour at least 1 bucket of water into the landing pit. Transplant the rose together with the earthen clod into the planting hole, fill the planting hole tightly with earth, and then again pour the rose abundantly under the trunk and along the near-stem circle. The ground around the rose should be dense, wet mud. Do not be afraid of this, in such a land your rose will be accepted better. It is better to plant a rose in the evening and in cloudy weather.

When to plant rose seedlings in open ground?

There is a very simple guideline by which you can determine that if you plant a rose at this time, it will not be harmed. Plant when the lilac begins to bloom. This time indicates that the earth is already warm enough and the probability of return frosts is minimal.

After transplanting into the ground, for better survival and reduction of transplant stress, a rose seedling can be treated with an epin solution, according to the instructions on the drug package.

Another important point: after wintering, rose seedlings may become slightly moldy. In this case, they should be sprinkled with a weak solution of phytosporin M or MAXIM preparation (make the solution weak so as not to damage the buds and young leaves that have begun to grow).

Friends, share your experience, advice and observations on the storage of rose seedlings. Tell beginner rose growers how you keep your roses, share your secrets?


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