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Seedling care in April.


Апр 18, 2023

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In April, finally, a more favorable time comes for our seedlings, when it is transformed before our eyes and begins to grow actively. Behind the days and months with a short duration of the day, dark and cloudy. In April, many stop highlighting their seedlings, as there are more sunny days every day, daylight hours are increasing, and no ultraviolet lamps will ever replace real sunlight. At this time, thanks to the sun, photosynthesis in plants improves and this is best reflected in their appearance. Seedlings begin to develop more actively, “grow up”, the trunk thickens, the green mass grows faster, the root system grows, the color of the leaves becomes more saturated and healthy.

At the same time, seedlings during this period need no less careful care than at the initial stage of their development. Along with the intensive development of the aerial part, the root system is also actively developing. Since most gardeners have seedlings in tight cups due to lack of space, the nutrients in the soil have long been exhausted. In this regard, you must not forget about feeding. During the period of growing seedlings, it is preferable to make 3 top dressings. As a top dressing, it is better to choose a mineral fertilizer with the main macro elements in the form of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with the addition of microelements. You should choose a complex fertilizer specifically for seedlings, then it will already contain all the elements necessary for seedlings, in which the necessary proportions will be observed.

When choosing and applying fertilizer, make sure that there is no excess nitrogen. An excess of this element will immediately affect the development of seedlings and its external condition — the green mass will begin to grow too intensively on the plant, the color of the leaves will become darker green, the plant will begin to «fatten», in the future this will affect the decrease in yield.

Since in April the temperature outside and in the apartments exceeds the desired norm for seedlings, it is better to transfer the seedlings to a glazed loggia, or open the window, turn down or turn off the heating. It is required to more carefully monitor watering, since the earth will dry out much faster due to the heat and increased moisture consumption by the grown seedlings. It is very important here not to overwater the seedlings, otherwise, in combination with increased temperature, sunlight and excessive watering, they will instantly stretch. It is necessary to maintain a reasonable balance — do not let the earth dry out, but at the same time do not overflow.

In some cases, there is a clear need to transfer large seedlings from a small glass to a larger container, if it becomes obvious that proper care does not contribute to the full development of the plant. This happens when, when picking, the type of, for example, tomato was not taken into account, and the indeterminate variety was dived into a small cup with a volume of 200 ml and there is no room left in the cup for the growth of the root system, and the aerial part is so large that the cup without additional support is simply falls or seedlings lean to the side. In this case, you can carefully transfer the seedlings to a more suitable container, deepening a little, trying not to disturb the earthen ball to reduce plant stress.

In April, do not neglect the hardening of seedlings. Try to provide for her a night temperature in the region of + 16/18 ° C. You can take out the seedlings on the loggia. In April, on a glazed loggia, the daytime temperature is kept within + 20/23 ° C, if it is warmer, then you can always open the frame for ventilation, and the night temperature by the beginning of the second decade of April, basically, does not drop below + 15/17 ° C. The method of hardening should be chosen based on your conditions and capabilities. If you prefer to keep the seedlings indoors, then on the warmest days during the day you can take the seedlings to the loggia for a while, gradually increasing the time it is on the loggia. Hardening measures include not only temperature, but also solar hardening. Accustom seedlings to sunlight.

Friends, there is not much time left before planting seedlings in the ground, prepare your seedlings, provide them with proper care now, do not neglect hardening, do not forget to make the last top dressing with mineral fertilizer for seedlings with microelements 7-10 days before planting in the ground, so that everything nutrients have been absorbed.

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