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THE PEPPER IS NOT PLEASED AT ALL! From shoots to picks.


Апр 17, 2023

Hello everyone on my channel!

Today I’ll tell you about two more varieties of sweet pepper, which I sowed for seedlings a little later than the first two varieties, and what came of it.

So, pepper is a rather long developing crop, and in order to have time to get a crop in the Middle Lane, namely in the Moscow region, it has to be sown for seedlings before other vegetable crops. The first two varieties of pepper Hannibal and Red Star of the East were sown quite early on January 11 , they have long been de-peaked and are systematically developing. I decided to sow the remaining two sweet peppers later, at the end of January, and one of them disappoints me very much. Moreover, pepper is popular, recommended by many gardeners. The seeds are fresh, the seed producer is proven and repeatedly bought by me. These two peppers are from the same manufacturer Bogatyr and California Miracle .

Pepper Bogatyr Pepper Bogatyr

Bogatyr showed himself not bad, the seeds germinated earlier, the seedlings developed slightly ahead of the second grade.

Pepper California Miracle Pepper California Miracle

But here’s the California miracle pepper is just upsetting. The seeds germinated slowly, unevenly and are still germinating, the gap in germination is almost a month.

Sprouted sprouts are still developing very poorly and slowly, the bushes are weak, no more than 4 cm high. The first real leaves are trying to appear with great difficulty. The conditions for seedlings are created exactly the same.

The Bogatyr has been dived the other day, but the California miracle is unknown when it will have to dive. It’s been a month and a half since sowing. It doesn’t scare me, of course, but it surprises me.

This is what happens … All seedlings are like seedlings, but something went wrong with the California miracle. I hope he somehow grows, otherwise the harvest from him is in question. I plant this variety for the first time and I want to see and evaluate its qualities from personal experience.

I sin, of course, on the quality of the seeds. I don’t see any other reason. What do you think is the reason for such germination and development?

Friends, how many of you have encountered a similar development of this variety? Write your opinion in the comments.

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