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Very poor germination of tomato seeds! This year there are a lot of low-quality seeds. Which ones “distinguished themselves”?


Апр 16, 2023

Hello everyone on my channel!

This year bought a lot of varieties of tomatoes. However, I decided not to sow everything, I chose 21 varieties for sowing. Among them are those tomatoes, the seeds of which could not be bought and grown before, but this year they were lucky. Seeds purchased and planted. But the joy did not last long. A few tomatoes are very upset.

I note that the soil for all seeds is the same, the conditions are the same, and most of the varieties have already sprouted perfectly, quickly and evenly, with no or minimal lunge at all, and some sprout very poorly. Even the seeds of the year before last germinated ideally, and today they are already dived into separate cups and have 4 true leaves each. But here’s how fresh seeds would be distinguished by simply incredibly poor germination. Among them: DEMIDOV, NASTENKA, PARTY EVENING, BIYSKAYA ROSE (tomato with giant fruits up to 1.2 kg) from the agricultural company Seeds of Altai.

Also badly with a decent lunge came the tomato BUDENOVKA from the agrofirm Successful seeds.

At first, there was a hope that the belated seeds would catch up and germinate with some delay, but this did not happen. As a result, the drop in germination among these varieties turned out to be significant and seedlings for these varieties are clearly not enough for me. It is good that the seeds remained and we will have to sow more … but time has already been lost.

This is how the germination of DEMIDOV and NASTENKA looks like (see photo below)

Top 2 rows — Nastenka, bottom 2 rows — Demidov Top 2 rows — Nastenka, bottom 2 rows — Demidov Nastenka and Demidov Nastenka and Demidov

As you can see, the germination is very poor, uneven. Many seeds did not germinate at all. Seeds that are late and yet germinate are not viable and lack the strength to remove the «cap» and open the cotyledon leaves, despite repeated wetting of the seed. NASTENKA develops a little better, and DEMIDOV is very weak. Nevertheless, the seeds were specially soaked before sowing, they were sown on February 18th. Other varieties of tomatoes sown on the same date have long been growing well from separate cups.

I did not expect such a poor quality of seeds from the agricultural company Altai Seeds.

It is worth noting that among my purchases there were several varieties of tomatoes from the AELITA agricultural company, and so every single one sprouted very well, quickly, evenly, with almost 100% germination. I am so pleased with these seeds that I even wrote an article about one of them and recommended it for its excellent germination and excellent seedling development — this is a tomato » Beauty’s Heart » with a heart-shaped fruit, early, fleshy, large-fruited. Aelita was pleasantly surprised, although I read not always flattering reviews about her.

Friends, who, like me, faced poor seed quality this year? Write about it in the comments.

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